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3 Self Storage Locations!

Find Expansive Storage's Phoenix location at 112 North Central Ave in Phoenix, AZ. Our facility is conveniently located near Garfield, the Warehouse District, Rice Place, and several other surrounding communities.

Expansive Storage St. Petersburg is easily accessible, central, and open for access Monday through Friday 830 am to 5 pm. Less than a mile from downtown, we’re just as popular with residential and commercial customers.

Expansive Storage's Cincinnati location is easily accessible even if you don't live or work in downtown Cincinnati, our climate-controlled storage units couldn't be more convenient, with superb transport links and road access.

Self Storage Solutions in Arizona, Florida and Ohio

Climate Controlled Units

Don't leave your prized possessions to rot or rust in your cellar or shed. Find the peace of mind you need with our climate-controlled storage units. Cooled in summer and heated in winter, they help to safeguard from the swings in temperature that can damage valuable furniture and electronics. By controlling the climate, we ensure that your belongings will remain the same as the day you placed them into storage.

Flexible Access

Our central location is combined with flexible access for ultimate convenience. You can rest assured that anything you store at our climate-controlled facility is always just a drive away and available from 6:00AM to 11:00PM. Our storage units are ideal for document archives, whether personal or business in nature, as you never know when you'll need to access a crucial paper at short notice.